Fog Cannon

Fog Cannon

What can fog protection do that a conventional alarm system cannot?
A conventional alarm system may notify neighbours, passers-by and the control centre that an intruder has broken into a house or a company. It is then up to the police and the security staff to safeguard the valuables. Experience shows that it may take up to 10-15 minutes for them to reach the scene. That gives the thief plenty of time to locate the valuables and get away.

If you are looking for an economical security solution that also has the greatest effect on theft, then you should continue reading.

The only way to safeguard your valuables instantaneously is with a fog cannon as a supplement to your alarm.
Security fog protection is appropriate for any type and size of space. With a fog cannon, you can protect any space, from a small room in a home or an office to a large warehouse or an entire supermarket. When choosing a fog cannon/smoke cannon, it is a question of how many rooms and how many valuables you want to protect with fog – and how fast the fog needs to spread.

Fog protection fills the room with dense smoke within seconds, which prevents the thief from finding the valuables and entering the protected area.

These systems are now installed in all types of businesses from offices to schools, pubs to warehouses.

The biggest growth in usage has been in the retail sector with companies like retailers installing Fog Protection across their stores keeping their stock protected.


Experience shows that there are no limits in practice to where security fog protection can be used. Large as well as small spaces, one room, many rooms and rooms with high-ceilings etc. Our Fog Cannons are installed everywhere from offices, server rooms, supermarkets to warehouses and shops to service stations, private homes, schools and even ammunition storage facilities.

Fog Cannons are designed to work very simply and effectively when linked into your existing alarm system and when activated they fill the room with ‘fog’, thereby preventing the intruder from seeing or finding what they came to steal – therefore leaving empty handed.

“Dry” fog obscures everything in protected areas in less than 20 seconds after a break-in. When activated, the fog generator produces dense but harmless fog – making intruders flee the way they came in. If further attempts are made to get back into the area, the Fog Cannon will redeploy the fog as many times as is required
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