Ducted Vacuum Systems

Ducted Vacuum Systems

With a Standby System you vacuum with only a lightweight hose. The motor is located away from the living area – maybe in the garage and is connected to the hose by way of a network of ducting that runs to conveniently placed inlet points in the house. The vacuum will turn on automatically or with a remote control switch when the hose is plugged into the inlet points.
Eliminates the re-circulation of dustmites and unlike all portable vacuum cleaners, the exhaust air is vented outside your living area. Everything vacuumed into the hose goes into the power unit, which is normally located in the garage. The air is filtered and exhausted or, if you wish, it may be ducted outside completely. The air inside your home stays healthier which is essential for asthma and allergy sufferers. (Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners which exhaust dust and germs back into the room being vacuumed). Scientists and doctors are talking more and more about the need for a clean air environment in the home of people with asthma and allergy complaints.

A superior job in less time with 3-4 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuum cleaners.

Appreciates the value of your home and, like your other built-in appliances, also serves as an excellent selling feature.

No More Noise
Eliminates the loud, irritating noise of portable vacuum cleaners because the power unit is not only acoustically insulated, but is generally located outside your living area.

Can be used for any type of cleaning: carpeting, wood and tile floors, curtains, furniture, crevices, corners, staircases, etc.

Saves you time and money by greatly prolonging the life of your carpeting, curtains and furniture due to the increased, deep-down cleaning power. Just insert the lightweight hose into any conveniently located inlet and the power unit starts automatically. No heavy unit to pull, push or drag up stairways, no switches, and no electrical cords to keep tripping over.
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