Cash & Valuables Transport

Cash & Valuables Transport

Standby Security utilizes a covert (plain clothed) and soft skinned (non-armoured) cash and valuable transport service (Cash valuable Transport).

This service is suited to clients who have low to medium levels of cash, jewellery or small valuables to transport, and who wish remove this responsibility and risk from their staff.

Each service conducted has its own risk assessment in line with legislation, which is revisited every 12 months.
Permanent Patrol Services
Patrol officers, on each patrol, conduct a full external check of all buildings, including all external doors, windows and roller shutters. Patrol officers to visually inspect the “yard” and common areas.

The primary function of the patrol officer is to “Detect and Deter” any wrong doers from entering site and to reduce possible vandalism at the premises.

Where possible, any security breach will be rectified by the patrol officer on site. If required, major problems will be reported to the listed after hours contacts for their advice and/or action
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