Home Security

Home Security

From residential homes to large industrial warehouses, Standby Security can reduce the risk to your premises by installing a state of the art electronic security system. Whether it is a new tailored security system or simply an upgrade of an existing alarm system, Standby Security has packages to suit all security requirements and budgets.
Control Panel:
This is where the system wiring terminates, the backup battery is located and where it is connected to the phone lines if it is a monitored system.

This is where the system is armed and disarmed.

Located inside and outside the premises.

Inside motion detector:
These sense changes in a room caused by human presence. Special motion detectors are available for people who have pets.

Door and window contacts:
This sounds the alarm when the door or window is opened (and the system is on).

A central monitoring station (Company):
If the system is monitored, and the alarm is set off, the control panel sends a message to a central monitoring station, which is manned 24 hours a day.

After attempting to contact the homeowner, the central monitoring station will contact the police, fire department, or medics.

There is usually a monthly fee for this service.

Additional items that can be added to the basic security system for homes are:
  • Smoke detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Hold-up/Duress buttons
  • Pressure mats for under rugs
  • Closed circuit TV to allow monitoring and/or recording inside or outside a building or property
  • Alarm screens for windows

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